Interview Questions,

I will provide an intro and then walk through these questions and follow through on these. Allowing you to be prepared and come across as knowledgable. I do not throw any surprises at you!


Here is a sample of what I will go through
– I will run an intro pretty much from your About Us section on the site/LinkedIn Bio etc –
I will ask;
How are you going to change the world?
Why is your startup/product different?
How your startup  came about?
How’d you come up with the idea for your startup?
What was the first step you took to build your company?
How far in are you?
How big?
What are the plans?
Looking at your startup so far –
How did you get the website done?
How did you do the platform/app etc?
How will you stay ahead in your field?
What is Innovation to you?
Startup tips for a new startup in your area?
Startup advice
The biggest failure for you so far?
biggest success?
best advice you have been given.
More about You 
who is your hero?
who would you love for 20 mins all to yourself?
What book are you reading now?
fav place in the world?
How do you startup?
Where is company going from here
what new experiences are you having business wise?
where can we find you?