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don’t be afraid to take a step back and relax – Michaels Griffin – Co-Founder Tekuma– Tweet

Drones have been a pretty hot technology over the last coming years. There has been a lot of talk around how they will be applied and used. With a lot of buzz coming from the like of Amazon using then and so on. There is plenty going on the space.

I came across Annette & Michael at an event last year, a STEAM pop-up at the SPARK! festival in Sydney. After watching the pair demonstrating their wares and how popular t was with all of the students. So I had look at what was going on…

Tekuma allows pilots to fly drones with one hand. So the technology is around how a drone can be flown. This is usually with 2 hands. Michael who is an engineer has created the technology to be able to do this.


At the moment they are going through the

wonderful program at the UTS Hatchery.. Michael has the tech know how and Annette is on the commercial side of

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The Problem – Drone Flight control

The Solution – An easier way to fly….

Take Aways from this Episode

A willingness to make mistakes

Form and develop alliances & partnerships

Talk to your customers constantly

Best Advice – Focus on One thing

Biggest Success – testing out with users

What is Innovation? -Thinking outside the box and asking if there is a better way of doing things

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