Making Property Development Easier


Making Property Development Easier

.. Summarize every bit of data about every single property in Australia– Tweet

Grant Lynch  met with Co- Founder and Paramedic Luke Tadich in pub to discuss their frustrations with property development. Like many deals around the world it was scrawled out on a napkin. An initial meeting turned into  a few hours and back at the office to map out the idea and the new company – iSeek Developments.

Grant is a real estate agent while Luke had gotten into a couple of property developments. Both saw first hand the issues around trying to do a single project. Then even more confusing as all of the different councils all have different rules and regulations. There had to be an easier way. the two followed the idea and have come up with a solution.

“iSeek Developments is a new website to help people learn how to develop property, seek out the best site by evaluating expenses and profits of potential developments, and work with the best team of industry professionals to develop real estate.”



Throughout the conversation Grant throws out some valuable lessons that he has picked up through the journey so far and in particular around having the right co-founders and team around you. Creating alliances and partnerships with founders so that the company can go forward and grow.

The Week In Startups…
iSeek Develpments

I asked if they had tested the product and how. But here is a situation where the product is a genuine innovation. Validation has come about by the response from people in the industry and in particular when for the first time iSeek was on show in Victoria at the Australian Real Estate conference 100% of people who looked at the product signed up to use it……..


In the coming weeks the company is going live in Victoria – so around August 2016 – from there the team will be looking to roll out across Australia… and then the world!!!

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This Week In Startups

The Problem – The confusion and mess around around property development

The Solution – All summarized into ONE report!

Take Aways from this Episode

Build a team around you

Form and develop alliances & partnerships

Map out the company from the startiseek dev

Best Advice – Start with the end in mind

Biggest Success – 100% sign up at the first public outing

What is Innovation? – A great partnership + A good idea


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QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: Property Development.. Have you gone through the develoopment process? What were your biggest issues?… please discuss in the comments

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