How to Startup in AgriBusiness

How to Startup In AgriBusiness

.. Sometimes you just have to shut your mouth, open your ears and get on with the job– Tweet

Justin Webb has really gone through all of the steps to get his startup going. I am a big believer that Australia needs to be a leader in Agriculture. By all accounts we are along with New Zealand and the UK. Now, people like Justin and AgriWebb are taking the next step.Justin Webb

Throughout the conversation it is very apparent that Justin is a very intelligent guy. Importantly he is then putting that to good use. With a family history of farming he is well equipped with the knowledge and through his own studies and following his hero – dad – he  has learnt  plenty of skills. Add to that Justin has a great team around him, co-founder and tech people. All the right ingredients.

The Pros & Cons of a Co-Founder


AgriWebb is a genuine tool already in use with many users. With an initial funding round that has allowed the company to go through development and now a larger funding round that is almost complete. Which also goes to show that investors are keen on the idea.

The plans for AgriWebb are to go global. But as Justin pointed out, there are applications that the platform can be be used for in other industries. Big Time Startups is excited to watch and follow this growing story…..



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This Week In Startups

The Problem – Old farming systems

The Solution – A platform to track and measure stock

Take Aways from this Episode

Build a team around you

ASK, research and ask. Early users are the best resource

Open your ears, shut your mouth and get on with the job…agriwebb

Best Advice – Persistence & Patience

Biggest Success – Reception from customers and them customers passing it on

What is Innovation? – recognising a problem and dedicating resources to solve it.

Book to Read – The Lean Startup

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QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: Agriculture.. I think it is key to Australia’s future. Am I right and what can we do?… please discuss in the comments

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