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Technology is rapidly evolving, causing a significant skills gap. The demand for skills is insatiable and is growing. There is a shortage of skilled digital talent with over 250,000 hybrid jobs unfilled in 2015. Traditional education models are not able to support this growth.

I came across Academy Xi at an event last year, a STEAM pop-up at the SPARK! festival in Sydney. I reached out and was directed to the co-founders, Charbel and Ben. What struck me immediately is that they are both intelligent guys. Then that they are genuinely doing something. Rather than all the ‘startup’ hype, bravado and talk.

Academy Xi provides short, practical and skill specific courses for people or companies to upgrade their capabilities in design and innovation. We’ve delivered a number of custom team training packages, as well as inspiring, modular short courses for individuals.

As I was preparing this to all go live, Charbel also told me that they are just heading into a Series A funding round. Very exciting! This comes as no surprise as the company did over $1,000,000 in its first year. They share their journey so far and this will be an interesting to keep following as it is all about to really ramp up for these guys





Taking entrepreneurship to the Australian curriculum and launching our third title Brilliant BusinessKids to share the aspirations, stories and brilliant businesses 12 next generation entrepreneurs and youth from around the globe have ideated, created and built by “learning in action”.

Want your kids involved? Want you School involved?

The Problem – The technology gap in learning

The Solution – User Experience Design, Startups, Service Design, Innovation, Team training, Events, Design thinking, and Lean startup training

Take Aways from this Episode

making a scaleable platform in education

Form and develop alliances & partnerships

Setting goodfoundations to the build

Best Advice – Focus on One thing

Biggest Success – validating the platform with customers

What is Innovation? – tangible felling of engagement for students

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