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.. creating an environment where people can interact, collaborate and find a solution– Tweet

Matt Waugh turned up last year, Nov 2016, to our event Big Time Pitchin’, a schools pitch comp. Matt was the rep for the day for Fixit and pitched the students. This was not a day for him to get a new investor on board etc, But a chance for the kids to see a real startup in action.

By trade, Matt is a Fireman. He has teamed up with Sebastian Jacobs to form Fixit. Sebastian was overseas at one stage and his girlfriend needed to report some damage at their rented property… pretty straight forward. Well… not really, as she was not the lease holder she could not report the problem and so on . A pain the backside and surely there was abetter way! The core of a startup……

Fixit  is One solution for millions of problems. Manage problems and find a solution with just a few clicks. A platform where anyone can report a problem and it gets fixed.

I can only urge you to follow this startup journey. Matt & Sebastian are a perfect example of a startup story. Already they are now getting nationwide coverage. It is straight out of the startup playbook. You can learn  a ton as Matt & Sebastian go through their launch with this great product.

Throughout the conversation Matt & Sebastian throw out some valuable lessons that they have picked up through the journey so far and in particular around having the right co-founders and team around you. Creating alliances and partnerships with founders so that the company can go forward and grow.

The Week In Startups…

The product – Fixit – is live and on the app store with great success already.

Taking entrepreneurship to the Australian curriculum and launching our third title Brilliant BusinessKids to share the aspirations, stories and brilliant businesses 12 next generation entrepreneurs and youth from around the globe have ideated, created and built by “learning in action”. LAUNCH

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The Problem – basic damage reporting

The Solution – A platform to report, to get it fixed

Take Aways from this Episode

collaborate where you can

Form and develop alliances & partnerships

Build a product with the end user in mind

Best Advice – Don’t take the advice of one person in one meeting

Biggest Success – validating the platform with customers

What is Innovation? – building for your users


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